What do we do

SporBio is a project of integrated communication and dissemination of a lifestyle – eating practices and consumer behaviors – based on respect for the environment and on a production philosophy that expresses naturalness, genuineness and healthiness.

SaporBio’s main objective is to make biological and eco-sustainability a model of life meant to focus not only on the environment, but also on its own and on other psycho-physical well-being. The aim pursued in every action taken is to raise awareness and involve a broad target audience, industry operators, companies, institutions – using targeted and capillary communication, highlighting the benefits of organic and eco-sustainable culture, and creating a platform for meeting those values ​​of eco-sustainability which are so much needed in our society.

Through the various events created and the various collateral proposals, as well as through partnerships that are generated from time to time, all actions included in the SaporBio project create awareness and increase the social and economic spread of the values ​​promoted by the organization.

Two are the souls that guide the initiatives taken by SaporBio: – We turn to the PUBLIC by spreading awareness, training and allowing us to enjoy products, services, culture and entertainment; – We are partnering with companies, working positively in the reference business sector, creating business opportunities for business realities in this area, facilitating dialogue and taking on the necessary communication that, for some, being small, is not manageable internally.

The modus operandi of the SaporBio project is therefore carried out through numerous initiatives: – Milan SaporBio: the main event organized by SaporBio, in October. An event in the heart of the city of Milan, which through exhibition and sale of products, cultural contents and insights, entertainment and experiential marketing activities, creates a unique opportunity to meet the various stakeholders (public, companies, institutions, cultural associations, artists, etc.) – Events during the year: appointments less than Milan SaporBio, but they manage to give the continuity of action that this sector needs to finally get into everyday life. There are, for example, events promoting organic menus in prestigious restaurants, events and tastings in golf clubs, sports facilities and aggregation and various locations from the top hotel to the town square; event links – Eco-sustainable tourism: SaporBio works with associations and travel organizers to spread a respectful and careful tourism away from mass choices that leave little room for social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Numerous partnerships with sector operators, recruiters, farmhouses and farms that open doors to those who come close to curiosity and respect the nature and the products it provides; – aggregates producers through the association, allowing the distribution of their brand and their products and the consumer audience who find in SaporBio the reference for their purchases, their leisure activities, for leisure. – Food for the Mind. Cultural activities and training that are cyclical are of great importance are of great importance: we strongly believe that the best way to spread consumer practices and life choices that are in harmony with the environment is to create a growing awareness of the positive repercussions that these choices have on the life of all of us and our psychophysical well-being.

– Information and dissemination in the network. On this site you will find, in the section Bio-eco, in our team of experts, as well as among recipes and news, many tips on how to be eco-sustainable in everyday life and valuable precious information and cultural contributions directly from the SaporBio team and its experts or partners. Then we recommend reading, organizing courses, promoting conferences and cultural events, offering interesting video footage or listening to music, and more. Taste, Environment, Culture, Aggregation, Training, and Entertainment … … SaporBio is this … and much more !!