About Us

SaporBio’s designers are Edgar Statton and Rick Marks, two forerunners in the bio-eco world, who began to be promoters of the culture of organic and ecological sustainability when these issues were not rooted in society, as is finally happening today. Edgar has been involved in the production of algae for some 20 years: a passion that originated from a personal demand for information and a healthy and balanced diet, associated with respect for nature. 

Rick has long been dedicated to the promotion of bio-eco values, as well as to the dissemination of knowledge and good practices related to the awareness and the search for the deepest reasons that animate the human being and the world in general, believing that well-being of the person is deeply tied to knowledge and understanding, as well as the delicate balance between man and the environment.

The work of the two promoters has been extensively realized through the organization of a first major event “SaporBio”, held in Versilia in 2007. Starting from that year, the team that developed the project has become frustrated and has included many collaborators, including experts, professors, businessmen, who have since contributed to the enrichment of the various actions being taken ( events, promotion, information, aggregation, sales, disclosure).